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The TransMitte concept stems from my desire to convey what the customer needs to see expressed in the target language. It is an "invented" term that brings together elements of all the languages with which I work: German, English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan/Valencian: transmit, translate, transcreate, mediate, be the middle or link point in a multilingual and intercultural communication... All these actions, somehow contained in my trade name TransMitte, are part of the language services I offer through this website.

Companies, professionals, institutions and individuals can request my language services. The middle point is the sworn translation and interpretation from German into Spanish. However, and due to my multidisciplinary, multifaceted and exploratory character, I translate and interpret from German, English and Italian into Spanish and Catalan/Valencian contents from various areas and specialties.
My most creative side in this profession is also present through literary translation, in which I could start with the translation of the book "The spiritual entrepreneur" ("Der spirituelle Unternehmer") by Marc Baco.  



About me

My name is Eva Beneyto Caballero, and I am the creator of TRANSMITTE.

My bilingual nature (Spanish-Catalan) and my interest in other cultures and languages, together with my natural gift for international relations, led me to choose translation and interpreting studies, so that I could work on something that I am passionate about: global communication, both oral and written.

I graduated from the University of Alicante in 2007, and did some studies at the Fachhochschule Köln (Cologne, Germany). I previously studied as a Senior Technician in International Trade at the IES Cotes Baixes (Alcoy), as it is also closely related to languages and opened the doors to the international world of work.

In 2007 I was also designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation as a Sworn Translator and Interpreter in the language combination German-Spanish. Since then I have worked as a translator and interpreter. Much of these years I have been freelance. For 7 years I lived in Cologne (Germany), where I acquired a lot of experience as an interpreter of trade fairs, corporate negotiations, conferences and other international events within the business world, as well as as as a translator, proofreader and language teacher.

For just over 4 years I was part of the internal translators and project managers of a German translation and localization company in Cologne. Thanks to this full-time work I gained a real insight into how a translation company works and learned how to work with translation tools, mainly with SDL TRADOS and MULTITERM, as well as many others. Teamwork, compliance with deadlines, strict quality controls, and the creation of terminological bases are other tasks that I put into practice on a daily basis.


My desire to explore other fields of translation was decisive to leave my job as an employee and launch myself into the world of Freelancer, since the company in which I worked was specialized in localization and technical translation. I missed the creative part of my work, human relations and business relations... Life gave me the perfect job to be able to reconcile family life and keep in touch with German during the first 3 years of my son’s life: German teacher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.  

Mark of distinction and quality guarantee

The quality guarantee of my work is based on the following pillars: training, large experience (since 2005), perfectionism and multifaceted character. On the other hand, when it comes to highly specialised content in which I can find terminology that leads me to doubt, I count on specialists in the different sectors in which I translate.
In addition to being people of my full confidence are professionals in their areas of work and, therefore, whom I consult to clarify very specific terminological doubts. The specialists in each field are those who ultimately know the exact terminology in their native language and in each context of use, and therefore the best ally for a translator and interpreter of highly specialized contents. A good translator does not know everything, but must knows where to find information about everything, and I assure you I am very good in that.
I work with state-of-the-art software and hardware, and I try to update my knowledge, whenever my schedule allows, as I consider lifelong learning a key element for success.

If you want to receive more details of my professional profile, my academic training, or you are interested in receiving any direct reference, do not hesitate to contact me. My portfolio is also available on demand.

I invite you to know my Language Services and Client Commitment. I am sure that if you take a step towards TransMitte, it will be the beginning of a fruitful professional relationship.Go ahead!

You can find me on the social networks  LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, Skype and as a full partner of  La Xarxa (Network of translators and interpreters of the Valencian Community).

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