Language services

TransMitte offers specialized language services from German, English and Italian to Spanish and Catalan, both mother tongues.



TransMitte offers translation services in a wide variety of areas and specialties.

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Economy and Finances


TransMitte offers interpretation services adapted to the customer's needs. 

Through different techniques of interpretation such as consecutive, simultaneous, whispered, liaison or bilateral, I can interpret in all kinds of events, meetings, trade fairs, conferences, workshops and others, so that the German, English, Italian or Catalan speaking partner does not create a communication barrier, when it comes to understanding or when expressing, and so I can guarantee the succes at the communication.

Copywriting and edition

Keep your contents up to day  

TransMitte translates your content to the rhythm you want, guaranteeing the updating of them with the consistency and quality of a professional without intermediaries.
This language service is closely linked to copywriting if you want to reach international markets.
Copywriting is the ability to persuasively write any type of text that appears on your website to get your ideal customer to do an action. TransMitte can also help you write your content in Spanish and Catalan. Get in touch, tell me your goals and we’ll get to work.

German courses and lessons

Currently my focus in the teaching area is on teaching German courses in companies that need to improve their knowledge of this language or want to enter German-speaking markets.
Thanks to my training in international trade and my extensive experience as an interpreter and commercial support at numerous international fairs held in Germany, I have created a product that goes beyond teaching speaking and writing in German: I offer courses tailored to the needs of each company, which also include training in "German business culture"..
In my classes, you will learn how Germans are and how they behave in negotiations, what they like and what they expect from a customer or a supplier, what to do to ensure success in your negotiations with German-speaking culture companies.

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